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đź’° Wrestler Blackjack Mulligan dies at age 73


Video tribute to Blackjack Mulligan released by, via. During the bout, a fan jumped into the.
Blackjack Mulligan was a big name in professional wrestling during the 70's and 80's. He's also the grandfather of current WWE Superstars Bo Dallas and Bray ...
In 1971 Blackjack Mulligan (Bob Windham) was stabbed during a match with Pedro Morales at the Boston Garden. Mulligan, who would later ...


Blackjack Mulligan (Boston Garden, May 1971). overzealous fan charged the ring and stabbed the immense cowboy in the thigh with a knife.
... the generation where a lot of heels were still getting stabbed," Cornette tells me,.. Harley Race, Blackjack Mulligan, Swede Hanson, Ole and Gene Anderson, ...
Blackjack Mulligan was 73 years old, while Balls Mahoney was only 44.. where Mulligan was stabbed in his leg by a fan with a butcher knife.
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Wrestler Blackjack Mulligan dies at age 73 Blackjack mulligan stabbed


Dick Murdoch and Blackjack Mulligan – This is a fun story and while it.. Too Cold Scorpio wound up breaking it up after Sid was stabbed in.
But there was one tense night in 1971, when Blackjack Mulligan was set to. The fan stabbed Mulligan in the thigh, opening gushing wounds.
The Blackjack Mulligan's statistics like age, body measurements, height, weight,. WWWF and tagged Blackjack Mulligan stabbed, George the Animal Steele, ...

starburst-pokieWrestling Legend Blackjack Mulligan Passes Away Blackjack mulligan stabbed

Jim Cornette on Rescuing the Lost Carolina Wrestling Classics - PopMatters Blackjack mulligan stabbed [img]. and received such incredible heat that he was once stabbed on the way to ...
WWE Hall of Famer Blackjack Mulligan passes away at 73,. The night BlackJack Mulligan got stabbed in Boston Garden and kayfabe was ...
The Night Blackjack Mulligan was Nearly Murdered in the Ring The time a bloodbath ensued after a Boston fan entered the ring and stabbed Blackjack Mulligan ...

Blackjack mulligan stabbedcasinobonus

blackjack mulligan stabbed Blackjack Mulligan was 73 years old at death.
That's a good, good life for an ex-NFL player and ex-wrestler.
He brought a brawling style that transcends even today.
The patriarch of a wrestling family that has seen some of the best technical wrestlers in the business.
Thank read article for all you've done.
Especially considering he was 6'9" and 300+ pounds.
Dudes that big just don't last long unfortunately.
It's only going to get worse mate.
Pretty much everything about American culture was built off the 50's-present and the boomers who made so many cultural contributions to wrestling, music, sports, etc.
Your deathwave of famous people isn't going to slow down for at least another 10-15 years.
But you are 100% right that too many people are dieing before 50, we should try to make it as close to 0 as possible.
I had a feeling it wasn't good when Bo and Bray had to skip out on Raw the one week.
have mafiabikes blackjack d review apologise another great today.
Rotundo got that gimmick after Blackjack and Kendall Windham got in trouble for counterfeiting.
I think Vince thought up the IRS gimmick in response to being 'hassled' by the IRS.
I'm old enough to remember him from Florida, and also lucky enough to remember him as the bassist for the West Texas Rednecks.
Being only 23, I've never seen much of Blackjack Mulligan, but I do know one story of him, told by my best friend's father.
I hope it's at least slightly humorous on this sad day.
In the early 70's, when my best friend's father was still a child, his father was the police chief of our small town in rural North Carolina.
My friend's father was a big wrestling fan, with his own father always telling him how fake it was.
He never believed him, until one night.
Being the early 70's in a small, rural town, my friend's father was allowed to ride with his dad on nightly patrols through the town and country roads in his police car how times have changed.
One night, they pulled over a car that was swerving on the roads.
When they pulled the car over, there was Ric Flair and Blackjack Mulligan, both drunk as skunks, smiling from ear-to-ear.
Now, at the time, Flair and Blackjack had been working a program together on TV.
To my friend's dad, who was just a tad bit older than 10 at the time, it made no sense to see Flair and Mulligan driving together, much less acting like fools and having fun together.
They were given a ticket and sent on their way after a friendly chat oh how times have changedbut my friend's father never increase bet strategy wrestling the same way again.
That was the day he learned wrestling wasn't real.
That's surprising considering how taboo rivals riding or even socializing together was back in the day.
Well, I mean, he was still in the industry, working for George Scott and Jimmy Crockett in Mid-Atlantic.
And he didn't start wrestling until 72ish and came down to Carolina in 74 I believe; his plane crash was in 1975.
So yes, if he was feuding with some guy on TV Mulliganand they were casually driving down the road together, this would be constitution for firing.
So honestly, either the timeline is broken, the story is probably fabricated, or they both just got really lucky.
I'm just telling it the way it was told to me.
I might be wrong about them feuding at the time, but he definitely told me it was Flair and Mulligan.
If anything, I've messed up the timeline, and for that, I apologize.
Bit of an aside, but you can still ride along with a police officer in a lot of places.
I bet most small towns would be fine with it.
There may be an age minimum though.
Kids and kayfabe are the best My grandfather stopped watching ages before I started, but he loved telling older stories.
Used to tell me Blackjack was the biggest meanest looking son of blackjack mulligan stabbed bitch he ever saw in person.
Real sad day for wrestling.
Very unfortunate news for the wrestling world as we know it.
May He rest easy, and sincere condolences for Bray, Bo, and I.
A funny thing was happening at that time - Mulligan had just returned to WWF he had been there as Big Machine and was getting a push at the same time his son had just returned to Crockett Promotions with a big push.
Rich Vos will be performing April 21, 22, and 23 at the Stress Factory.
Ric is so good at telling stories.
He tells these stories like they happened last night, not ~40 years ago, it's incredible.
I love his podcast exactly for that reason.
He can actually remember a lot of the things he was involved in.
Whenever someone mentions Blackjack Mulligan, the first thing I think of is that story Flair told about him and Luger.
I can just picture Luger pontificating in the third person as Blackjack's face gets redder and redder, haha.
Ric is so good at telling stories He really is.
Uncle Ric has brought so much great wrestling history to life on his podcast.
I could listen to him spin yarns all day Flair told one story about how he attempted to be an agent at WCW and quit immediately "I can't work with these assholes".
The scene, the great AWA promotion in St.
Paul Minnesota Bobby Heenan's family of Blackjack Mulligan and Nick Bockwinkel take on The Crusher and Mad Dog Vachon as the match draws closer to the end Mulligan is faced with an interesting choice to make.
Go back and look at his promos.
You'll see that bray Wyatt was very heavily influenced by his grandfather.
I hope that Bo and Bray both got to spend ample time with him.
I remember them both being off a RaW not too long ago and I'm pretty sure it was related to this.
Such a sad day the world lost a really good guy.
The Nature Boy had speculated that he was in a bad way for months.
I hope he got to enjoy Wrestlemania before passing.
Slightly before my time, but Barry and Mike are two of my favorites Used to watch him on CWF with Gordon Solie.
I recall cheaters card either feuding with or teaming up with Barry.
Hey, it's been decades, memory not so good anymore.
I wonder if he died in the hospital.
I remember a little bit ago when Bo and Bray took some time off because he was in the hospital and never heard of him being let out.
I hope he died peacefully regardless.
This might be a cowboy 3 instead of a wrestling 3.
Pray for Willie Nelson.
Merle was hard enough.
Blackjack was a true Texas legend.
The big fed in the sky is about to be shaken up.
This has probably been in the can for a while.
Used to work at a newspaper.
The Pope Benedict's obit was written about 10 minutes after his election.
A small graphic at the beginning of blackjack mulligan stabbed show, and a showing of the WWE twitter page breaking the news of his death and that's it.
Normally I'd agree with the idea, but since he has living relatives actively wrestling for the company and is the father of a HoF member things might be different.
I know Flair kept saying on his podcast that Mulligan was pushing 500 pounds and has been insanely ill for a long time.
One of my earliest wrestling memories is an episode of Championship Wrestling from Florida where Kevin Sullivan, full on in Satanic Cult Leader mode, stabbed Blackjack in the heart with the Golden Spike.
Blackjack showed up at the end of the episode ready to challenge Sullivan and his crew to a match, bandage over his wound and everything.
Good times :D RIP I remember watching the Blackjacks get inducted into the hall of fame back in 2006 and not knowing much about them.
Learning about their badass brawling style was really cool to see.
Condolences to his family amd source />He had a big talented family who continue his legacy.
One of the big WWF heels when I started watching in the early 1980s.
I remember that when he slapped the claw on someone, they'd throw a big blackjack mulligan stabbed X on the screen so we couldn't see the "blood".
RIP to my dad's favorite wrestler.
If it wasn't for my dad's stories about Mulligan when I was little, I may never have started watching wrestling.
So in a way I owe Mulligan a debt for introducing me to a lifelong love blackjack mulligan stabbed wrestling.
Saw Blackjack live many times in FL in the late 70s and early 80s.
Hell of a hand, as JR likes to say.
Also got to know his sons Barry and Kendall when I worked the bar scene in ATL in the 90s.
Let's have a funeral for this old man who tagged with Justin "Hawk" Bradshaw or something.
It will please me to unleash my army of specially trained funeral dancers to go apeshit in the church, doing moves all over the place, like they are standing atop the coffin shaking their butts.
It's time to reveal the secret funeral dances that have so, so much power. blackjack mulligan stabbed blackjack mulligan stabbed blackjack mulligan stabbed blackjack mulligan stabbed blackjack mulligan stabbed blackjack mulligan stabbed

Kevin Sullivan vs Arn Anderson

10 Professional Wrestling Matches Where Somebody Almost Bled To Death - Page 2 of 4 - Cultaholic Blackjack mulligan stabbed

The Four Horsemen (professional wrestling) - Wikipedia Blackjack mulligan stabbed

But there was one tense night in 1971, when Blackjack Mulligan was set to. The fan stabbed Mulligan in the thigh, opening gushing wounds.
Blackjack Mulligan, an early challenger for Morales' WWWF title, can attest to that. We weren't ready for it,” explained Mulligan, who was stabbed in the leg and.
Blackjack Mulligan was 73 years old at death..... full on in Satanic Cult Leader mode, stabbed Blackjack in the heart with the Golden Spike.


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