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🎰 Interesting Gambling Stories - The Best Real and Crazy Casino Tales


... about most remarkable blackjack wins in the history of casino gambling.. Big Casino Wins - Successful Gambling Stories / Top 10 Remarkable Blackjack ...
Watanabe would stay at the tables for up to 24 hours, sometimes losing as much as $5 million in a single binge. He was allowed to play three blackjack hands simultaneously with a $50,000 limit for each hand. At one point, the casino raised his credit to $17 million, according to court documents.
Professional gamblers tell real-life stories of their biggest wins and losses on blackjack, sports betting, video poker, and online gambling.

How to Bet in Blackjack

Related to that I have a sort of funny recent story - not hilarious but amusing. I was playing at a non-Vegas casino at a table with a guy who was losing and was ...
Here we have eleven of their stories describing the worst casino losses of all time.. “I tap onto my blackjack game and this guy I'm dealing to tells me he is.
In the gambling world, behind the glamor, there is ugly, bitter, loss.. Or he pulled a 20 in blackjack and I just pulled 11 cards to make 21.
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Casino Dealers Talk About the Most Money Lost in One Sitting Blackjack gambling stories


I tell her to make it easy, at the top of the next shuffle, I'll bet all the chips in front of me in a single bet. Wish I some more good winner stories ;-)
So here are my top three craziest wins at the blackjack tables.. but now that the game had commenced it was illegal to retract the bet.
Why is it that most blackjack players lose at a casino game that is beatable? It's because they often make some or all of the following common ...

starburst-pokieThe Casino Dealer Whose Regulars Don’t Enjoy Gambling Blackjack gambling stories

Interesting Gambling Stories - The Best Real and Crazy Casino Tales Blackjack gambling stories

When it comes to gambling, the casino always comes out on top - right? But in the. This is the story of the MIT Blackjack Team. Bill Kaplan ...
Here we have eleven of their stories describing the worst casino losses of all time.. “I tap onto my blackjack game and this guy I'm dealing to tells me he is.
About 6-8 months ago a story circulated the poker room at Crown (Melb/Aus) of a young chick the night before who came to the casino with ...

Blackjack gambling storiescasinobonus

blackjack gambling stories Last week I was looking through my finances and was proud of the ÂŁ33k I had to my name, I'm 24 and was making plans on how to invest this into property and treat myself to holidays.
My addiction however started last Sunday, I used my online poker account, containing ÂŁ6k of winnings, to play blackjack.
At first I wont ÂŁ2k and thought I was invincible and then before long I was staring at a balance of ÂŁ0.
I didnt even stop to think, I was link and wanted to win it all back.
I deposited ÂŁ3k from my bank into a different site and lost it within 1 hour.
I deposited ÂŁ7k and lost this within 3 hours.
It was the worst day of my life, I sat on my bedroom floor, speechless and empty, not knowing what to do.
I didnt want anyone to know, I wanted the world to swallow me.
I blackjack gambling stories to work the next day and I couldnt face talking to people, everytime somebody spoke to me about their weekend or blackjack gambling stories I would relate to the ÂŁ10k I had just lost.
That evening I finished work early, skipped the gym and decided I would take a shot at winning the ÂŁ10 back.
I was up to ÂŁ7k when the casino turned on me and I lost it all in the space of 30 minutes.
This is when it got really bad.
I searched my bank accounts and transferred all savings making interest into my gambling accounts.
Before I knew it it was all gone.
Again I had to face work and I spent the whole day panicking that blackjack gambling stories accounts are overdrawn.
I called the one bank which put a stop to the money coming out and unblocked the account.
I transferred this money across the other account making sure all balances were positive.
I sit here today, finally managing to get my head together.
I have ÂŁ6000 in an ISA which i need to withdraw to pay rent and stuff and another ÂŁ2000 in my bank.
My problem is that every minute of the day I think about what that ÂŁ20k could have done and when I will get that back.
I cant bare the reality that it is going to take me years before I have that money and I check this out not be able to do the things I wanted to.
How do I forget the losses?
How do I be happy and sociable again?
How do I stop myself gambling away the money once it comes out the ISA?
My life feels completely messed up and I dont want to tell anyone out of shame and embarrassment.
Thank you for reading.
Next to please click for source sat 2 young girls and they were discussing their plans for the weekend.
They were going to get away from the city to some village a couple of hundred kilometers away and they were discussing how to get there.
Finally the decided to go by bus rather than train.
You'll go crazy if you start thinking what you could have afforded with the money you lost.
Don't do that to yourself.
That money is gone.
You'll never win it back.
What you will do instead, if you try, is lose more.
But you already know that.
Yes the money is gone, it's devastating and crippling.
Time is on your side you are young.
You can stop now and begin a life of recovery but you've gotta want it blackjack gambling stories nothing on earth and be willing to put as much effort into recovery as you would into gambling.
You can ban from casinos, put blockers online, attend gamblers anonymous, blackjack gardens, read, journal here, talk one on one, join the groups.
Get someone to help with control of your money, lower limits, carry little cash, go to counselling.
Use everything available to help you on this journey of recovery and discovery.
It's gone, let it go before you lose everything else.
I am into my day 11 now after gambling almost nonstop for 3 years.
I have wrecked my life, my business, my marriage, my health, my sanity.
I wish so much I could have stopped 3 years ago when I realised I had a problem.
Like an idiot I still wanted to keep playing, I didn't know what I know now.
There is no cure, only stopping.
I am slowly having to come to terms with what I have lost - I will never win back not just the money, but the time I have spent, the missed opportunities.
I am filled with a deep regret and personal loathing and I am on medication now for clinical depression.
I have had the worst start to a year yet.
Let twitch blackjack money go, it doesn't belong to you now.
It belongs to the casino.
They will always win.
As CGs we can never keep our winnings - and when we lose we chase badly.
My last 2 relapses were BJ.
I was lucky i finished just above evens, but the rollercaoster made me more ill.
I get a huge rush of blood to the head when I play.
I start small, 50 buy in, and 3 hours later I am playing for 500 a hand.
I am in a low place at the moment, I would hate to see someone else end up there.
Keep posting, go on the help line, get netnanny or gamblock, give your cards and finance to someone you trust, confide in them.
STOP GAMBLING or it will get worse.
It will eat up your enture humanity.
My thoughts and feelings to you, I hope you can do it now and move on stronger and wiser.
No one wins at gambling except the house - cliche but its true.
Good luck my friend.
We understand that this might be a tough time for you, particularly if youÂ’re click to recovery, so come here as often as you need to and participate in the forums, access online groups and connect to the live advice helpline if you need one to one support.
WeÂ’re in this together!
Here on the forum you can share your experiences in a safe, supportive and accepting environment.
The beauty of writing it all down is that you can take your time and you will be creating a record of your progress that you can look back on if it ever feels like youÂ’re not moving forward.
So, share as much or as little as you like but do try to stick to keeping just one thread in this blackjack gambling stories so people know where to find you if they want to be updated on your progress or share something with you.
And on that note.
IÂ’m going to hand you over to our community because IÂ’m sure they will have some words of wisdom for you :- Take care The Gambling Therapy Team PS: Let me just remind you to take a look at our and so you know how it all works!
Somehow, after 4 days of pain I feel normal again, I'm back at the gym and I can actually talk to people at work again.
My head feels in a safe place and I think I can get on with my life.
I know what I'm faced with, I need to stop, I still have enough money to enjoy life.
My problem is that I cannot forget that money I lostI wanted to buy a house and go on holiday.
People I'm around speak about losing ÂŁ30 on a football bet and I can't bare to tell them my story and how Lucky they are its only a small amount.
Does anyone have any tips for how to forget about the money, I am convinced to work hard at work and hopefully follow my plans of moving to London.
I want to use this lesson to turn my life into what I want it to be.
I just think in the back of my mind the ÂŁ20k will always be there and I want it back.
Last night, I dont even know why, I opened up the blackjack table again.
I wont ÂŁ500 and left, only to come back an hour later and lose everything I have.
I lost the last ÂŁ10k I had to my name, I now dont know how I am going to pay the deposit on the flat in London and feel like my life is pretty much over.
I was so happy for the past 2 weeks, thinking each day that I have gotten over my losses and have stopped gambling.
Now I just feel like lifes biggest loser.
You blackjack a one with deck probability of selecting to be honest with yourself, admit you have a problem and make sure you are serious about getting help.
You have to understand this is a progressive illness and if not treated, you will go on to lose more over time.
Over the last 10 years I have lost many times that amount - so let me reiterate how critical it is you get help now.
The losses will magnify over time and you will become desensitized to larger amounts - in order to win back larger losses you will gamble more and so the cycle continues until see more totally destroys you and leaves you with nothing.
Set yourself a goal, say for the next 12 months.
Real goals - e.
One of the methods I use to help me get past my own losses is to visualize it as an investment that has gone bad.
Forgive yourself and admit you made a foolish choice, but then move on.
Don't think about it or it will consume you.
Stick to your goals and in a year or two this will be nothing more than a bad memory.
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