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🍒 Can someone explain to me when to focus on BIS (Resto) - Shaman - World of Warcraft Forums


1. Gearing Up in Battle for Azeroth · 2. Trinkets for Restoration Shamans · 3. Best in Slot List for Restoration Shamans (Dungeon Gear Only). Crafting wise, as a Restoration Shaman, you can level up to two professions.... Azerite Traits and Armor 6 Essences 7 Rotation, Cooldowns, and Abilities 8 Mythic+ ...
Jump to 8/8 Earthfury (Tier 1) -. to choose some Shamans to receive 8/8 tier 1 and others to. (phase 6), generally speaking players who use this set of ...
What is the BIS Resto Shaman gear?. Welcome to Wowhead's Restoration Shaman Gear Guide, updated to Patch 8.2, Rise of.. Mythic 6, 415, 425, 3780. Item Level, Titan Residuum Obtained. 1. 355, 3.

Should You Play RESTO SHAMAN in BfA 8.2.5 or 8.3

SKU: wow-123448 Level 110 Resto/Elemental Shaman | Numerous Legion Legendaries including Best in Slot | Legion Flying | Challenge Mode Artifact ... update - Best in Slot for every class ! Discussion. Stage 1 to 6 with pre raid for stage 1 and 2. updated chest for resto shaman PRS1-S4.
Best in slot trinkets for resto shaman 7.1.5 African palace casino no deposit. six-handed grinds whatever would override of one as maximally as generally were ...
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GitHub - agentmerlin/vanilla-shaman-guide Resto shaman best in slot 6 1


A Restoration Shaman has one key resource – Mana.... Tier 1. Lvl 15. Tier 1 Talents Restoration Shaman. Torrent. Increases the efficacy of.. A burst of water at the target location heals up to 6 injured allies within 12 yards for 5 sec.. questing) is a good choice, if you are not using it in major slot already.
Shifting Perspectives: Gearing up your Resto Druid for Kara Part 1. Spell-crit: Rings/necks/trinks with this ability are paladin/shaman gear. Most HoTs cannot crit,. Magister's Terrace is the best instance for restoration gear... 6) Swampstone Necklace (10.07) - Underbog (Heroic) - Swamplord Musel'ek
Jump to 8/8 Earthfury (Tier 1) -. to choose some Shamans to receive 8/8 tier 1 and others to. (phase 6), generally speaking players who use this set of ...

starburst-pokieYouTube Resto shaman best in slot 6 1

Can someone explain to me when to focus on BIS (Resto) - Shaman - World of Warcraft Forums Resto shaman best in slot 6 1

The healing style now, is still very very similiar to the resto shaman of the past,. (Chain Heal= ~5.23 healing per 1 mana, LHW=5.14 healing per 1 mana.. VI Purification 5/5. Boosts healing by 10%, 'nuff said. VII Mana Tide 1/1... i have best in slot evertyhing except sarth cloak and KT ring, so gear isnt an ...
We've compiled a list of BiS pre-raid gear for each and every class and role to get you. Back: Archivist Cape of Healing (Stratholme – Live).
... insight into what trinkets some of the top resto shamans are currently using; Which trinkets are out there and where you can find them. Top 6 Raiding Trinkets ...

Resto shaman best in slot 6 1casinobonus

resto shaman best in slot 6 1 Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.
Since recently broke up I decided to stop playing, but first wanted to give back to the community.
As of writing this, I was rated the 1 Shaman healer on Kronosand hopefully with this guide, you too can pump out 1000+ HPS on boss fights.
Your Role in Raids Windfury Totem Everyone knows that Windfury Totem was too good to be true in Vanilla, and as such, your uptime on WF should be 100%.
Every trash pull and every boss fight should have WF down.
With few exceptions, WF should be your first global cooldown in a fight.
If you are to take anything away from this guide, it is that Windfury Totem should always be up.
You are a utility class first and a healer second.
Every Other Totem In a more general sense, the primary benefit of taking a Shaman to a raid is your totems.
Every healer can heal, but not every healer can cleanse 5 poisons with 1 GCD, or cleanse 5 fears instantly, or provide huge melee DPS bonuses.
If you are in a melee group which you should always be unless there isn't enough melee in your raidWindfury and Strength of Earth should always be down, and depending on the situation, Fire Resist, Healing Stream, or Mana Spring Totem.
If you are in a caster group, you'll probably only use Mana Spring and Tranquil Air totems.
That covers your usual wind, earth, and water totems.
I don't usually bother with fire totems, but it is always nice to see lots of numbers come up from a good Fire Nova Totem on an AOE group.
Chain Heal Your last role is raid healer.
Once all your totems are down, you'll be casting Chain Heal with zero down time.
Chain Heal, Chain Heal, Chain Heal.
Chain Heal comes with the added benefit of jumping to 2 other people that are missing health without you having to be conscious of anything.
Even if no one seems to be taking damage, you should still be constantly casting.
Think of healing like a Mage thinks about throwing fireballs; there should never be a time where you are standing still doing nothing.
When no one seems to be taking damage, a lot of times I'll just chain heal the main tank and let the jumps this web page melee.
But if you want to top those healing meters, look at which parts of the raid are taking damage and throw Chain Heals at them.
Even if people are only missing like 300 HP, throw a Chain Heal at them.
You'll end up healing 3 people to full with very little overhealing.
Priests and Druids are much better suited for tank healing because they have bubbles and HoTs, so let them have at it.
Annihilator or Nightfall An alternate role you can play is stacking weapon debuffs for the DPS.
If no one needs healing, why not hit the boss?
Stacking the Annihilator debuff can improve melee dps, or you can spec into Two-Handed Axes and help casters with the Nightfall debuff.
Having a healing Shaman double as a weapon debuff stacker is probably more beneficial to the overall raid than an elemental shaman.
You get lots of bonuses to your healing and mana efficiency, which shamans desperately need.
The last 2 points of this spec could also go in several places.
I usually put them in Healing Grace, but some put them into Guardian Totems, or Improved Reincarnation.
Improved Weapon Totems Spec If you're Chain Healing 90% of the time, you don't really need Improved Healing Wave or Healing Way.
And with the extra sacrifice of not having Mana Tide, you can significantly improve your totems for melee.
Also, this spec allows you to be a Nightfall or Annihilator bitch.
Inevery healing shaman went this spec because of this simple philosophy: If things die quicker, there is less need for mana efficiency.
However, if your guild takes 5+ minutes to kill a boss, you probably want Mana Tide Totem.
Spirit does absolutely nothing for Shaman.
Shaman don't get talents that let your mana regenerate while casting, so spirit is just a wasted stat.
This formula also influences the gear recommendations I make below.
Gear I've added alternatives to each set of gear because in some cases you may not need as much MP5, and if you're a pro, you'll switch to higher +healing gear before quick boss fights.
It adds a ton of extra healing to your Chain Heals, and your spamming the hell out of them already.
The Tier 2 + Tier 2.
As mentioned before, combining it with the Improved Reincarnation talent is useful when your dying a lot during raid progression.
Trinkets There are several good trinkets beyond the passive ones I listed.
Just make sure to swap your trinkets when the cooldowns are running.
Totems Earth Totems Strength of Earth A decent DPS boost for the melee in your group.
It is worth about half as much Attack Power as a Battle Shout, so probably not a HUGE priority.
However, I keep SoE down as often as Windfury.
Your typical flow should be 1st GCD: Cast WF, 2nd GCD: Cast SoE.
I've always left it up to Priests and Druids to keep tanks up for the first few seconds of every boss fight.
Use that resto shaman best in slot 6 1 to set up all the totems you'll need.
Earthbind Not many things in raids are affected by Earthbind, but the ones that are, Earthbind can be a good option.
Most pulls that come with a lot of adds, it can be a good idea to lay it down.
It helps tanks pick up those attentively best slot car track to buy think that might start chasing after casters.
Unless a warrior in your group has just done Challenging Shout and has 20+ adds on him, don't bother casting it.
Use Strength of Earth instead.
If your in a caster group, I wouldn't bother putting down an earth totem.
Tremor One of the few advantages Horde has over the Alliance in Vanilla.
If you can time your totem placement in time with a fear mechanic, the pulse will happen as soon as the fear does.
The ability for a raid to immediately break all melee out of fear on a fight like Nefarian is hugely beneficial.
Your ability to break fears is the easiest way for everyone to know how much you are paying attention.
Everyone will see you running around feared because you forgot to Tremor, so pay attention!
Wind Totems Windfury As mentioned before, Windfury is the best and it should always be down if there are melee in your group.
Grounding There are some boss mechanics that are affected by Grounding, depending on the server scripting.
It is meant to redirect single target spells, so things like Lucifron's Mind Control should be able to be grounded.
Often times, it may be more worth it to just have Windfury down.
Wind Wall The entire time I played vanilla, I didn't even have this on my bars.
Nature Resistance Only really useful in situations where people take a lot of nature damage.
Bosses in AQ40 like Huhuran and Viscidous are good examples of when Nature Resistance might be a better option than Windfury Grace of Air Sometimes you'll have 2 shamans in a group and one of you can use Grace while the other can do Windfury.
Maybe you're in a group with all hunters.
Otherwise, stick to Windfury for your air totem.
If there is a rogue in your group that is asking you for Grace instead of Windfury, he is dumb and tell him so.
Rogue poisons don't stack with WF, so maybe that is the reason, but they are still dumb for putting poisons on in a raid.
The small amount of crit and AP from Grace is nothing compared to the overall DPS gain from Windfury.
Water Totems Mana Spring Not all its hyped up to be.
If you have the talents for it, Mana Spring provides about 360 mana in total and costs 75 mana.
That's not much to be gained unless you have others in your group with mana bars.
If you're struggling with mana, it is good to keep down, and unless the people in your group are reaching their buff limit, it wouldn't hurt.
A full minute of Mana Spring could potentially mean enough extra mana for 1-2 extra Chain Heals.
Mana Tide Use it as often as you can.
It provides a decent amount of extra mana, and can be pretty helpful in long fights.
If you know your mana pool has to last for longer than 5 minutes, make sure to lay it down early in a fight so you have time to cast it resto shaman best in slot 6 1 />A typical rotation I like to do is start a boss fight with Mana Spring, and when it expires, switch to Mana Tide, then back to Mana Spring.
Healing Stream Your most efficient heal potentially doing ~1500 healing to 5 people for very little mana.
Very few occasions will all 5 people in your group be taking damage and never will it be the reason for someone living or dying.
Although, I think it does more healing per mana than having a Mana Spring totem down, so this is usually my go-to water totem.
A bit I like to do to really cheese healing numbers is use a Zandalarian Hero Charm before setting down the Healing Stream.
It benefits from your +healing, so you can significantly increase the amount it pulses for by using a trinket.
Also something to note, Healing Stream generates its own threat, so it can be used to force caster adds around corners for better positioning.
It might also mean it gets destroyed without you realizing it.
Fire Resistance This is an excellent choice for all of MC and BWL.
There is a lot of fire damage from both the trash and bosses in the first two raids. Resistance can be a better choice than Healing Stream because it could potentially save someones life.
Resisting 1500 damage from a big fire spell is much more valuable than that same amount done as healing over 60 seconds.
Poison Cleansing Great for cleansing a lot of people quickly.
It is another great advantage Horde has over Alliance in Vanilla.
Just make sure to not "set-and-forget".
The pulse of this totem shouldn't be relied on in raids.
You should be instantly recasting this totem as soon as a new poison happens.
The cleansing will happen a lot quicker and result in having less damage going out to the raid.
Disease Cleansing Pretty much the same as Poison Cleansing.
There are a lot fewer cases that require Disease Cleansing, but Chromaggus is one that you should be ready for.
Fire Totems Searing Some boss strategies involve sheeping mind controlled people and Searing Totem has been known to break sheeps.
A lot of things in MC and BWL also have high fire resistance or are outright immune to it.
Because of those two reasons, don't bother with Searing Totem.
Fire Nova Sometimes a good option for large groups of mobs.
However, if another target doesn't have threat, mobs may go after the totem before it goes off.
Magma Much of the same strategy as Fire Nova, but it costs a lot more mana.
I tend to favor Fire Nova because of the mana cost.
Flametongue If for whatever reason you can't have Windfury down, you could use this instead.
A good example might be if you are using Nature Resistance for your wind totem on a particular boss.
I have yet to run the numbers on if using Flametongue over Windfury is a viable option on a fire vulnerability for Chromaggus.
I highly doubt it though.
Frost Resistance Not many raids have frost damage.
Other than in Naxx, you probably wont use this at all.
Pulse Totems Pulse Totems include things like Poison Cleansing, Tremor, and Windfury.
Because of the pulse, they are affected by line-of-sight, so always make sure your totems are placed correctly.
Another point about pulse totems is that some players "set-and-forget" things like Tremor and Cleansing totems.
Get that out of your head!
If you see someone feared, cast a new totem.
Think of it like casting Decurse or Dispell.
Mages and Priests don't rely on spells being auto-cleansed and neither should you.
Totem Twisting Since Windfury applies a 10 second buff, there is a window of time where your group can have both Windfury and Grace of Air.
The basic strategy is to cast Windfury, then immediately Grace of Air, and before WF times out, do the process over again.
Totem twisting like this take a lot of time that could be spent casting heals, so it isn't strategy european roulette best every occasion, but your melee will love you for it.
The rotation I use is WF + GoA + Chain Heal + Chain Heal.
best numbers to on machines might have enough time to get a third Chain Heal in before WF expires, but I tend to stick with 2 because of latency.
Heals Chain Heal As mentioned before, Chain Heal is your bread and butter in raids.
No other healer can do as much AoE healing as Shamans resto shaman best in slot 6 1 />Priests and Druids can out-heal an Shaman in a single-target healing scenario, but Shamans excel at AoE healing.
Rank 1 Chain Heal is also a particularly efficient heal.
Without chaining to anyone, it is still about as efficient as a Rank 4 Lesser Healing Wave.
So spam the crap out of that Rank 1 Chain Heal.
I make sure to have resto shaman best in slot 6 1 3 ranks of Chain Heal available and bound to different keys.
It makes it much easier to switch between the different ranks as the raid is taking more or less damage than normal.
Lesser Healing Wave Decent single-target heal.
It has a quick cast time so you are less susceptible to your heals being 100% overhealing.
Rank 1 LHW also has the lowest mana cost while still providing decent healing.
Max Rank LWH is also the best option for keeping someone alive that is taking a lot of damage.
It may not be the highest HPS, but a tank is more likely to die while you are casting a slow heal.
Healing Wave If you are specced into Healing Way, Rank 5 Healing Wave the MOST efficient heal you have.
You can last for a long time only casting that.
Rank 1 is useful for pre-stacking Healing Way before a fight starts as well.
I usually save Max Rank Healing Wave for Nature's Swiftness.
I don't ever sit and cast a Max Rank.
The major downside of Healing Wave is that it suffers from a long cast time.
In my experience, someone else has already healed my target before I get the cast off.
Because of this, I've always stuck with Chain Heal for multi-target healing and LHW for single-target healing.
Keybindings You should have nearly all your totems keybound.
Everything on the left side of your keyboard should be available for keybinding and be sure to make use of the Shift and Alt modifiers as well.
For example, this web page keybindings for WF and SoE were Shift+Q and Shift+E respectively.
If you have numbers on your mouse, make sure to use those too.
The mouse I used has numbers from 1-12 and all of them including Shift modifiers were bound to a different totem spell.
Your cleansing totems should be instant, and there is no way it'll be that way if you're clicking your spells.
Credits Egregious - His Shaman Guide got me started when I first came back to Vanilla WoW.
Fei - He ran an excellent more info guild for almost 3 years.
Without him, I probably would have quit a long time ago.
Wxn and Massivebenis - For constantly beating my healing records so that I'd have to develop new strategies.
Gametime - For giving me shit for laying down Healing Stream instead of Fire Resist Totem.
Hershal - For giving me gold for letting Gametime die ; Okay now I'm just digressing.
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[WoW Classic] 18 man Onyxia 《Best In Slot》 - Restoration Shaman POV

GitHub - agentmerlin/vanilla-shaman-guide Resto shaman best in slot 6 1

Buy Restoration Shaman iLvL 925 Ephemeral Paradox | Best in Slot Gear including Legion Legendaries | Well Developed Artifact Weapon - 48 Traits Resto, 40 Enhancement and 36 Elemental with 38 Knowledge Ranks | 110 Warlock & Death Knight Alts! for sale Resto shaman best in slot 6 1

anyone know the ideal/bis f2p shaman gear that isnt absolutely insane to put together, like no titan forge/vet enchant stuff also does anyone ...
... who went through my BiS 4.3 Resto Shaman Shopping List and at the. Weapon / Main Hand. iLvL. HEP. 1. Maw of the Dragonlord HC. 416.
RESTORATION SHAMAN BEST-IN-SLOT GEAR GUIDE (4.0.3) This list prepares you for the journey from Cataclysm. TRINKET 1: Witching Hourglass - Ascendant Lord Obsidius (Blackrock Caverns). 5800 (4) ~ 9650 (6)


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