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🍒 Reddit - AskReddit - Gamblers of Reddit, what gives you the best odds at any casino?


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If you want to hang at the casino a long time, just play minimum on 6's and 8's.. Blackjack gives you the best odds but it can burn you quick with multiple hands ...
Blackjack has the best odds of winning, with a house edge of just 1 percent in most casinos. Craps. So from the Blackjack table, I will suggests moving on to the dice game Craps, the game with the second best odds, also nearly 50-50. The last you should try is roulette game.

Casino Dealers Reveal The Craziest Thing They've Witnessed (r/AskReddit Top Posts

Drink more value in comp drinks than you lose. Put 50$ in a nickel slot and bet the minimum slowly untill you've had at least 12 free beers. Don't​ forget to tip.
Attention! [Serious] Tag Notice. Jokes, puns, and off-topic comments are not permitted in any comment, parent or child. Parent comments that aren't from the ...
We've scoured casino and AMA threads to bring you the top 10 craziest casino. The casino will swap in faster dealers at night to push more bets per hour,. Reddit Image: via Reddit. It's not just the glitzy casinos on the Las Vegas strip that ...
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Reddit - AskMen - At the casino, what games do your money last the "longest"? Best odds in casino reddit


As evident in the movie 'Casino Royale', 007 sure knows how to play and win at. The Crown's top secret agent actually creates a betting system of his own,. 007 invented and see if it really helps players beat the odds and win at roulette.
Some Reddit streams will go on to provide many responses of.. A daily picks thread is as it suggests, an offering on the best bets of the day.
Drink more value in comp drinks than you lose. Put 50$ in a nickel slot and bet the minimum slowly untill you've had at least 12 free beers. Don't​ forget to tip.

starburst-pokieReddit - AskReddit - Gamblers of Reddit, what gives you the best odds at any casino? Best odds in casino reddit

COVIDELPI | SUSPENDIDO Best odds in casino reddit

50+ Best Online Casino Reviews ➤ Legal & Trusted Casinos in Canada. about the rich variety of casino games which all have different odds to win real money.
From which games to avoid to which bets are best, you can always trust the casino dealers and other staff to know all the best secrets. These tips offer excellent ...
It's odds are only good If you know basic strategy and you can count cards and they're not using an auto shuffler. Even then you can just have a run where you ...

Best odds in casino redditcasinobonus

best odds in casino reddit What we should and shouldn't do, for instance.
I have a quick opening question, say I find a chip on the ground, what is proper etiquette in this situation?
I was a dealer for 5 years: 1 The games aren't fixed provided it is a legal casino.
The casino has everything to lose if they were to cheat.
Edit: Ok there is luck as in "you got lucky and beat the odds".
The other 10% of the time they want you to lose either because you're the last person on their table yay break time or you're a dick.
Note: there is no profit sharing in casinos so dealers don't get anything no matter how much money they bring in.
However, if you're playing blackjack and not playing by the standard strategy, prepare for people to berate you.
Again, it's your money.
These games have the worst odds in the casino.
Better odds than the double zero table.
Think you made a system for a game?
OP: KEEP THAT CHIP, ITS YOURS NOW unless someone obviously dropped it and has noticed edit: added a why for 8 edit 2: added double zero roulette to 8 and removed war edit 3: i'm going to sleep, i'll do an AMA later tonight around 02:00 PST edit 4: I didn't end up having time to do an AMA tonight, i'll try again Monday morning pacific time Also Law of averages.
Shit like this, people who can't do math.
It's more than an inability to do math.
It's like an innate, unrealized belief in magic.
They may not see if that way, but how else could one couple's genetics and biochemistry dictate what would happen in another couple's pregnancy?
How could a roulette wheel, a die or a keno machine "remember" what has already happened -- aside from physical damage -- and alter its next outcome?
Unrelated but sorta-related: when I was a kid, I had a Colecovision.
We got an adapter that would let us play Atari games on it.
I had this belief -- quickly shattered -- that it would improve the Atari graphics to Colecovision gambling podcasts best />My complete ignorance of how electronics, programming, etc.
A statistician is a man who brings a bomb onto a plane because the chance of there being two bombs on any given plane are practically zero.
On One of my Vegas trips my buddy suggested we play some war as soon as we got to the casino since its super quick.
I laughed at him and made jokes about the movie Vegas vacation.
Anywho, I played along.
Cash is fine, but I wasn't tipped in cash once in my 5 years.
Dealers are not allowed to accept tips away from the table.
On roulette, if you hit big it is typical to tip the dealer the base bet.
I've had people buy me a drink, and I really liked it because it's always been someone I've had fun with at my table.
However, not all casinos will allow this sort of tip.
Worst case scenario is that the dealer will say they cannot accept it because it's against the rules or because they don't drink.
On the other hand, don't tell a dealer you'll tip them later or buy them a drink later.
Ever time someone has offered this, they haven't followed through.
We can only drink after our shift!
Best to just tip them at the table.
Are there even single 0 tables anymore?
I rarely play roulette but it's been a long time since I seen one.
You should add the money wheel to your list of do not play games.
I guess it depends where you play.
I have noticed that single zero wheels are more-and-more relegated to high limit areas.
You're right about the money wheel, I forgot about that one.
Some corrections: 1 True.
I'm not going to get into the long-winded explanation of why this is false, the links below do a better job than I could.
Generally, the game with the lowest house edge without respect to player strategy is Baccarat.
Slots are the worst, I'll give you that.
Also video roulette occasionally features a single zero configuration, but usually make up for this by shorting the player on hits, paying as little as 32:1 instead of 35:1.
Always check the pay tables.
For example, with full pay Jacks or Better, which has a 99.
Now, this just flat out doesn't work unless you fully understand both the game being played and the comp system.
But here's an example of how this would work: Caesars Entertainment's "Total Rewards" comp system provides roughly.
So with perfect buffets in phoenix az the house edge is.
While this wouldn't work every day, Caesars regularly offers registered players "reward multiplier days".
The largest I was ever personally offered was 10x.
This makes the cash back value of the earned "points" 1%.
So, playing full pay Jacks or Better video poker.
A thin edge, for sure, but an advantage for the player nevertheless.
Source: I'm not a professional gambler, however, I am a profitable player.
I'm a Caesars Total Rewards "Diamond" tier member even though my tier score is only ~5900 for the year - I upgraded with "Diamond in a Day" playing Jacks or Better.
I consistently receive comped rooms any time I wish to stay at any Caesars property, consistently receive free buffet offers, and also consistently receive free vouchers for the Diamond Lounge which provides basically free meals and drinks off the floor.
I don't play anything besides live poker, video poker, and mini-bac.
Ugh, I tried to learn Craps last year in Vegas and that was the quickest 20 I ever lost and I had no idea how it happened.
My dad was telling me how to place my bets but I couldn't understand the reasoning very well.
I think this year I'm going to try and find one of those lesson things the Casinos put on sometimes.
War tables always seem to suck me in for a bit since it's easy and I'm too intimidated to play Black Jack.
My mom has horror stories of how there is so much unspoken etiquette surrounding these tables that I just don't want to deal with it.
Just betting the pass or don't best odds in casino reddit line is all you need to know for the basic bets.
It's not that hard really : 2 For bj, print up a little cheat card these are legal and you'll be set.
The standard strategy is fairly straightforward.
Play for small money with friends.
When in doubt, ask the table!
Remember, it's supposed to be fun.
Try to find a table that isn't just filled with degenerates and they'll be more than happy to help you.
You can also ask the dealer, they will suggest you the optimum play they wont lie, but they might not be able to help you You can also ask the dealer, they will suggest you the optimum play No they don't.
Not once has a dealer said to me, "Gather up what little money you have left and go home to your wife and kids.
You've never played at my table.
Although, I'm just as likely to tell you,"Here's an idea: Why don't you give me half the money you were gonna to bet, then we'll go out back, I'll kick you in the nuts, and we'll call it a day!
Just ask the dealer.
They love to see you win cause odds are they win too tips.
Also listen for subtle hints that you are screwing up from the dealer.
More than once i've been at a blackjack table where I clearly said "stand" and the dealer says "did you say hit?
Craps is a game of large swings up-and-down.
Went to Vegas with a few buddies during a slow time, right before Thanksgiving.
The guys working the craps table were bored and helped us learn.
Giving us advice on what our best odds were in different situations, so definitely tip.
If you are making them money then they will want you to stay when they more info bored and slow.
I've posted this before, but as a Security officer, NEVER sit in a chair that has been leaned against the wall or covered in a garbage bag.
Odds are someone has either pissed themselves, shit themselves, or best odds in casino reddit up on themselves while sitting in that chair.
You'd be amazed how many times that actually happens.
The unreal part, is the 99% of the time, we as security have to force them to get up and go clean themselves.
Why won't they get up?
The next slot spin was the winner.
I saw a lady lying on the floor dead at Caesar's Palace, paramedics standing around doing nothing - so she was dead.
She was playing slots.
Think the corpse on the floor swayed the lady next to leave her machine?
To be clear, slot machines work off of a computerized best russian roulette scene number generator.
You will not win more by pulling the handle instead of pushing the button.
You will not win more by changing your bet back and forth between the minimum and maximum.
Most casinos in the US will give you free drinks while you are playing.
If you want to maximize your free drinks per dollar spent, find a bar in the casino with video poker.
Treat the casino workers with respect.
It isn't their fault you lost money.
At the same time, if you get shitty customer service, tell someone.
Most casinos are very focused on making the players happy.
If you're playing slots, use your card.
If you're playing tables, make sure you're being rated.
This is how you get free stuff.
If you have a gambling addiction, you can request to be banned from the casino and put on a no-mail list.
Decks are switched out every article source hours.
Cards that have been used in the casino are never used in the casino again.
They have the corners cut, and are marked with a marker.
Gift shops will usually carry the used sets, but many are sent off to be recycled A pit boss will also just give you a used deck or two if you ask politely.
Or at least they did the last time I went to Vegas 10 years ago.
I've worked in one of the largest, highest netting casinos in the world for about 7 years and everyone is giving you really good advice.
Without that card, you are not in the system, so the casino does not know what you play, so you cannot get free things.
Free things are good.
If you want a better chance to win cash money, go with table games.
If you want to rack up Player's Rewards Points or whatever kind of system your casino uses, go with slots.
When the casino looks at your averages time played, bet, trip totalthe numbers on a slot players account will generally be higher than a table games player if they start with the same amount of money.
I can't tell you how many times my co-workers and I will bend over backwards and let things slide for someone who is nice about it.
If you're an arrogant douche-nozzle making demands?
Some people will deny you things that you actually qualify for just because of how you asked.
There have been times where it almost broke out in fisticuffs over an oblivious guy blowing his smoke in the persons direction.
Sorry, really long, but hope it helps!
Don't be afraid to ask for help with the games.
If you want to learn how to play craps or baccarat, find an empty table and just ask the dealer.
They're usually more than happy to walk you through it and help you learn the ropes.
Always ask to be rated.
And ask for show tickets or meals while you are up.
They do not want you to leave and are more apt to comp you when you are holding their money.
You are no good to them, once you are broke.
Being rated is when they keep track of how much you are betting.
Usually casinos have these ID cards that you hand the pit and he will keep track of your bets for you.
And sometimes I win money.
As long as you set and stick to reasonable limits gambling is reasonably priced entertainment.
Whenever I have a conversation with someone about casinos, they're usually telling me about their foolproof gambling system which they've been working on that will totally win them a big hit in the long run.
Then I say, "I just go for the free drinks," and they invariable give me a "you poor fool," look.
All casinos have a players club type deal.
They track your average wager and time played and will offer you comps based on this.
These can be free meals, show tickets, hotel rooms, etc.
If you want something in particular you best uk casino no ask for it.
Some casinos, like the Hard Rock, automate it and you can check your comp balance at little machines they have set up all around the casino and print out buffet vouchers right there.
Other casinos it's subjective and up to the pit boss what he'll give you.
Never hurts to ask though.
In a casino, ALL money is their money.
The cash you brought in?
There's a good bitch, bringing Daddy his money.
The money you left in your bank account?
Bitch better not be holding back.
The money you won?
Let daddy buy his bitch a drink and a place to sleep, so she don't go nowhere with his money.
I've worked in a casino for a whole year as a roulette dealer.
What is weird is that there are a lot of old white men who bet VERY hard on the number '33'.
I think it's some type of secret or something, because some will only put their money down on 33 alone.
The weird thing is, they hit the number a lot.
Also Jesus performed 33 recorded "miracles".
It was also allegedly Christ's age when he was crucified.
It is also significant in numerology.
The number 33 was discovered to lead to the essential meaning of life the Bible in Dan Brown's 2009 novel "The Lost Symbol".
So basically any number of batshit insane reasons.
It's like finding a bill or a coin on the ground.
Money with no owner.
No reason to give it back to the house.
If you find a chip on the ground, someone probably put it there so they can distract you and lift some of your valuables.
I've been a table games dealer for 5 months now.
Not a long time, but enough for me to know the lay of the land.
I hate to give advice because we get all the blame and none of the credit.
It is a service job and we make our living off tips.
And if you see the supervisor walk up to the table and pull the paddle up out of the drop box, it means something happened and someone got caught doing something on the table and they're using the paddle as a marker for surveillance to go back and check.
This isn't a big deal but it just annoys me when people call them that.
The pit bosses don't really hang around, they're always running around doing something.
ESPECIALLY if it's a cigar.
I can deal with everything about this job, but this is the one thing that pisses me off the most.
Like I said, we do want you to win.
It's no fun if you don't.
But we deal with a lot of difficult people and have to put on a happy face while doing so, even if they're pissing us off.
It can be hard.
I know a lot of dealers do this anyway though.
It was built on losers.
Even so, we understand if you get upset when you lose, just don't take it out on us.
We have nothing to do with the game itself other than delivering the results.
I'm pretty blind apparently.
Or learn to play poker and enjoy the income provided by others inability to follow through with even the most basic logical choices.
This game is exceedingly simple.
With only fifty-two cards, seventeen of which I will see, and four players there are a limited number of possible winning combinations.
~Data You're actually right in case you were being ironic, the Dow Jones is up almost 2000 points since October.
Cousin visits casino fairly often.
About once every 2 weeks.
Spends 5k and made 65k once playing blackjack in a nights sitting.
The most important thing he told me is that the dealers want you to win.
From my experience, this is very true.
Dealers make a lot of money off of people winning.
They don't get a cut of the houses profits, and they rely a lot on their tips.
If you don't know what to do or what move to make, always ask the dealer.
As a dealer, this cannot be more true, I wish I could payout all day, player wins, dealer wins tips.
It is not my money that I am handing out, it's the casino's money.
Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Bernie Mac god best odds in casino reddit his soul are in it.
How could it not be real?
If her section is tipping well, she'll want to be out there making money.
If it isn't, she'll sit in the back and jabber on with the other girls working there who's sections aren't tipping.
Our casino had a VIP guest get on a huge winning streak, went to cash out, demanded cash and we could not pay, literally were pulling cash out of the lock boxes on all of our tables to get everything we had.
Ehh it wasn't all that bad, It was more or less entertaining watching a grown man having a childish fit because he won more than we had in cash on hand, and it was also entertaining watching all the bosses running around like mad finding the cash for him.
We have multiple cameras on him at all times, so we can track all cheque movements so we know how much he has at all times.
We knew how much was still owed to him, which was around the 400k mark.
To be honest if I won a ton of money and the casino couldn't pay I'd be pissed too.
Or did I misunderstand and he could have gotten a check that wouldn't bounce but insisted on cash?
If it was that much money give me a check and escort me to my car.
We offered a check, he would only take cash though, he would have gotten his money one way or the other.
He came into the casino with somewhere around 1-2 million in cash in a duffle bag and he had a 'friend' walking with him, I am very certain it was his bodyguard.
He an infrequent visitor to our location, but very frequent to our other properties, but when he does come, we have a helicoptor pad just for him considering he USUALLY loses the 1-2 million dollars he brings.
As for his winnings it was somewhere close to 25-30 million after he left, I believe he was up more, but lost a few million before he walked out.
House was a manipulative son of a bitch with delusions of grandeurCaesar is a mass murderer with delusions of grandeurthe great khans were simply stupid and with delusions of grandeuryes man seemed too egotistical.
When I went to Vegas earlier this year, she told me: "Have fun, play games if you enjoy them, but never for a moment forget that every one of these beautiful flashy amazing casinos are 100% built using YOUR money.
Always keep that in mind.
Not really much of a lifehack or insider tip, but I've been gambling for years and have developed an attitude and approach to it which I think works: calculate your gambling time by how much you are willing to spend per hour on entertainment.
If you find it doesn't balance, or that you aren;t receiving good value, switch your pattern.
So if you're going in with 200 bucks and dropping it all on craps in 30 minutes, that may be too high for your budget.
Instead, go in, drop 20 bucks on slots and get a drink, walk around and check out the ladies, play a couple of hands of blackjack and see how you do, then try the dice for a little while with just a hundred bucks, and all of a sudden you've burned 2 hours and quadrupled the entertainment value on your money.
And who knows - maybe you didn't lose it all or even won something.
But basically, remove the notion that you might win money from your potential to have fun.
And if it turns out you're only happy when you win, then maybe gambling isn't for you.
The people I know who have the least fun don;t actually bother to enjoy being in a casino or playing games; they just want fast money.
It's a stupid place to get fast money, so you need to readjust or change plans.
I suggest selling drugs for fast money; much more gratifying.
I worked in one of the largest casinos in the world a couple years ago.
My job, along with about 20 others was to take the money out of the slot machines, transport it back to the count room and run it through 3 ginormous machines to be counted.
On average, this casino took in about 5 million dollars per day just on slot machines.
I hated that place.
They treated their workers like shit and paid their workers shit.
Please don't give casinos your money.
Don't take a vacation out to Vegas in a Winnabago, park it in the Casino out-lot, get drunk and get in a fight with your spouse causing her to run off, then leave your 4 year old alone in the RV while you drunkenly go gambling for four hours.
Casino personnel and the Police REALLY get irritated when you do that.
Thankfully, I did not learn of this firsthand.
Loan sharks in British Columbian Canadian Casinos are permitted.
The Loan Sharks are known and are not stopped from operating.
BC Casino's are "cash" casinos.
You can not wire transfer money into or out of their casinos.
Example: You are a rich Hong Kong business person, you just flew into Vancouver, you want to gamble, you bring a couple of hundred thousand and you sit down at the High limit Mini Bac tables, you lose all your money in a hour happens everyday Where are you going that much money at 2am, from a bank machine?
No, from the loan shark with the L.
Also the loan sharks are more like shift workers, who work a set schedule and live mainly off tips.
This is probably common knowledge but it blew my mind when I watched it everyday I worked for two years.
The first time I went to a casino I hoped it would be something like being on "the price is right".
No plinko, no pretty women, just artificial light and artificial boobs.
If you are the only one sitting at an open table, you can often request it to be smoke free.
The dealer will ask the pit boss to post a sign, and anyone else that joins your table will not be permitted to smoke.
It's fascinating how casino entertainment works.
Sometimes they take a big hit on the cost of a show vs.
Also, seeing a listing of perks high rollers are rewarded can be stunning.
Rooms, lounges, tickets, and anything they can ask for.
Whole staffed events are the most mind blowing to me.
Oh God, I can finally feel useful around here.
I have been working in multiple positions in a Tribal owned and operated Casino in East-central Oklahoma for over 18 months.
We are just a slot house, so we do not have any card games whatsoever GM says there's just "too much overhead" to reinstate card gamesbut here's what I can tell you.
Casinos employ a wide range of subliminal tactics to keep you playing until your last dollar is gone.
For one, our casino has no large window to the outside, and all windows are tinted.
There are also no clocks on the walls.
Through this, losing track of time should be much easier for you to do.
I heard of stories from Vegas and we get vendors who either lives or has lived there of more nefarious schemes, such best odds in casino reddit pumping oxygen rich air into Casino floors to reinvigorate customers and keep them going all through the night.
Always remember: Everything is set up where the house will win in the end.
If you think you got what it takes to break us, you're thinking the way we want you to think.
Slot Machines pay out according to their pre-set payback percentages.
It'll take too long for me to explain how payback percentages work since there are tons of YouTube videotapes that explains how, but these settings are not at our direct control.
Once they're set, they remain so until our site manager petitions the Gaming Commission to change them and why, await approval, then set an appointment with best odds in casino reddit compliance office and a vendor of the particular game, then watch as the vendor clears the EPROM on the game and replaces it with new data.
This heavily bureaucratic process can take several months depending on if and when Gaming will get off their ass and do their jobs.
In short: we don't have a switch in the back that can change how the machine pays more info />We just set the percentage and let mathematical momentum take effect.
I can't think of other things to say, but if you have any questions, drop them and I'll answer them.
The only ones I wont answer is where I work.
They'd fire me if they knew what I was doing right now.
If you are winning big at blackjack, and there is a dealer change, and everybody at the table gets up and leaves, You get up and leave too.
You should quit best odds in casino reddit you're ahead, otherwise you get to tell everyone how much you had before you gave it all back. best odds in casino reddit best odds in casino reddit best odds in casino reddit best odds in casino reddit best odds in casino reddit best odds in casino reddit

Casino Dealers Reveal Worst Losses Handled (r/AskReddit Top Posts

Reddit - AskMen - At the casino, what games do your money last the "longest"? Best odds in casino reddit

How To Win At Roulette Reddit : Expert reveals maths tricks that will help you take cash from the casino Best odds in casino reddit

The wheels are also structured reddit that the low numbers and the high numbers. The best all in one wireless speaker roulette ever hear:">. When you play poker roulette casino doesn't care who wins therefore yours odds of winning isn't ...
Use the tips when playing at online casino or at land based casino.. rules as their 6-deck game, the double deck game has better player odds.
What's the best way for me to reddit money at a casino?. When roulette play poker the casino doesn't care who wins therefore yours odds of winning isn't as ...


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